How to Write a Solid Resume

How to Write a Solid Resume

Resume-crafting is hugely important. Not only is this your very first impression to your future employer, but it is also the best way to highlight your skills. Many of us know this. On the other hand, writing a good resume can truly seem like an overwhelming task when you just don’t know where to begin.

Sending a cover letter is equally as important and can make your future employer remember you, rather than your competitors. Surprisingly, many people do not send Cover Letters. You should always have a template for a Cover Letter, Resume, Thank-You letter, and Resignation Letter in your back pocket. Of course, you will tweak each one based on the position and situation, but you should have a template ready to go for each. In this post, I will walk you through how I write my Resumes. 

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Resume Writing 101:

I have a few different Resumes saved, as I have pursued many different positions within the Hospitality sector.

I have one crafted and ready to go for Serving, Management, Front Desk, and now Concierge. The Resume you use for the position you are applying for should highlight the skills and experience you have for the position at hand, rather than just sharing the same skills on each Resume.

For example, writing that you have excellent computer skills may be great for a Secretary position, however you wouldn’t put this on a Resume if you were applying to be a Hair Stylist. Remember, although you want your Resume to reflect your skills, it should never be longer than 2 pages (maximum!) You should look for a template that is simple and concise.



1. Header-

In your header, you want to make sure your future employers know how to contact you. Make sure you include: your full name, address, contact phone #, and email address. NO FUNNY BUSINESS HERE. Ensure you have a professional email address to use (first and last name). If you don’t have one, create one.

2. Objective-

Your objective should be no longer than two sentences. Keep it simple, professional and to the point. Mention how you can help THEM as well as further your own career goals. Be specific. Mention the company name you are applying for, as well as the position. For example, my objective for a Serving position could be as follows:
“To obtain a serving position where I can contribute positively to Jack Astor’s and learn valuable skills in order to further achieve my goals in the hospitality industry.”

3. Education-

Your Education will be your second section on your Resume. List your most recent Diploma/ Degree first. The set up should be as follows:


4. Employment History-

You do not need to list out every single job you’ve had since you were thirteen. If you’re like me, you’ve had many jobs throughout your life.  On your resume, it is only necessary to list the  jobs you held that relate to the position being applied for. Keep in mind that jobs you held for short periods of time will not help you on your resume. Leave them out. Set up should be as follows:


For example, one of my Employment History descriptions is as follows:
“The Hilton Mississauga Meadowvale- Guest Services Agent
Mississauga, ON
December 2015- December 2017
As a Guest Services Agent at this four-star, full-service property, I am responsible for the check-in and check-outs. Most importantly, I am responsible for ensuring that every guest has a memorable stay, while generating revenue for the property. I was at this property while we went through a thorough lobby renovation, and utilized the texting Concierge program, “Kipsu”. I focus on raising our SALT scores and exceeding our Kipsu targets on a consistent basis.”

5. Qualifications & Certificates-

 In my personal opinion, this is the most important section on your resume. THIS is where you can shine and showcase your skills and experience. If you have won any awards, list them here.  If you have Certifications, list them here. Some examples I have listed on my Resume are: Awarded the Greater Toronto Hotel Association Scholarship in Oct. 2012, Smart Serve Certification, and OTEC Service Excellence Certificate. Also be sure to include any skills you possess that are required for the position.

For example: excellent organizational and time management skills or exceptional ability to up-sell and increase sales. Also include any proficiency you have with computer software and systems. Again, ensure you are editing these each time so they are job specific and relevant to the employer.

6. References-

At the end of my resume, I always write “References available upon request”. If the employer decides to move forward, they will likely request for your References.

That pretty much sums it up, guys. Again, the most important thing to remember when it comes to Resumes is to keep it specific to the job you are applying for and to keep it short and sweet.

People lose interest quickly, so you want to catch the employers eye right off the bat. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly. Have an awesome day, and I will talk to you soon!



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