3 Toronto Coffee Spots I Love

3 Toronto Coffee Spots I Love

Happy Sunday folks! Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers!

I hope you are all eating lots of turkey & spending good, quality time with your loved ones. 

Today I want to talk to you guys about three coffee spots in Toronto that I absolutely adore. As some of you may know, I live in Mississauga, which is about an hour drive west of downtown Toronto. This being said, I have two jobs in downtown Toronto, one in Yorkville & one in the Financial district, so a lot of my time is spent in the city. I am also a Concierge, so a big part of my job is knowing where the top spots are for our guests. I’m also a coffee fanatic, SO there’s that. Without further ado… let me show you these coffee shops & tell you a bit about them!

Dineen Coffee Co. – Yonge & Temperance

This boutique coffee house located in the heart of the Financial district is a GEM. There are two other locations, one in the atrium of Commerce Court, and one in Leslieville, however this is the original location, which opened in 2013.

Not only do all of our guests LOVE Dineen Coffee, but I am completely obsessed as well. The exquisite latte-art is one of a kind, but the interior design, handled by Pencil, is just as amazing. The design is sleek & contemporary, featuring marble counter-tops, high ceilings, hand painted floor tiles, and a large patio. The building itself is one of the oldest in Toronto, and is listed as a Toronto Heritage Property.

Coffee & food wise, Dineen does not disappoint. Teas, signature blend roasts, iced drinks, and espresso-based specialties are all on the menu. I personally love the rich flavour of their Iced Americano as well as the Temperance Espresso Blend, which is buttery with citrus notes. In terms of baked goods, there is something for everyone. Tarts, pastries, muffins, and croissants are all available for a low cost between $3-$5. The sandwiches are also really good (and super fresh). If you are ever in the Leslieville area, Dineen Coffee also offers up Charcuterie boards. Bring a book & go enjoy this lovely spot!

dineen coffee@dineencoffeeco

Sorry Coffee Co.

Bloor St. (Back of Kit and Ace)

What better name for a Canadian coffee shop, right? The owners were actually using a “play-on-words” when they created this shop because of how often us Canadians love to say “sorry”. Too true. This cute shop is located in Yorkville, just off of Bloor St. It is in the back of the Kit and Ace store. You will find it is cozy and quaint, with marble and copper design throughout. This shop is the first in Canada, although their original location is in London, England.

Their signature blank cups serve as a canvas for local artists, who are encouraged to partake in creating the logo which changes every so often.  Sorry Coffee Co. uses de Mello Palheta roast, which uses a rotating selection of single-origin beans (brewed right in the back of their Yonge & Eglinton location). The menu is simple and features espresso-based drinks, Sloane tea, and pour-overs. Baked goods are supplied from La Bamboche, and consist of buttery croissants and pain au chocolat. A small, cozy spot you should check out if you want a to-the-point, but delicious coffee.

sorry coffee

Jacked Up Coffee – Yorkville Village

Who doesn’t like to support a local entrepreneur? Jack Provan hit the streets with the Jacked Up Coffee vintage truck in 2015. This truck is located at both Yorkville Village and Liberty Village, 7 days a week, from 8-3. Yorkville Village is my go-to spot during my work-day, and I never miss a chance to pick up one of these delicious coffees to keep me going. Jacked Up Coffee uses Cut Coffee, which is a small-batch coffee roaster in Toronto. The menu features modern coffee, iced espresso-based drinks, and artisan teas. Check it out if you are in the Yorkville area!

jacked up coffee

There you have it guys…

Be sure to hit up one of these fantastic coffee shops if you are in the Yorkville or Financial district parts of Toronto… you won’t be disappointed.

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